Key stage 3 and 4

Discover, debate and investigate in our programme for pupils in KS3 and 4.

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Look. Think. Draw.

A cross-curricular session focused on extending pupils’ observation and visual literacy skills. Discover and document the changing architecture of the Charterhouse in relation to its history, ownership and architecture. Develop pupils’ drawing skills using mark-making exercises and our historic interiors as inspiration.

Henry VIII’s London

Examine the impact of the English Reformation on the lives of those at the Charterhouse. Discover the important role played by the Charterhouse martyrs who sought to defy the Act of Supremacy and the fate that befell them. Then, debate the arguments at the Museum of London in this new dual-site session.

People and Protest

Discover the Charterhouse and its former life as a Carthusian monastery. Reflect on the dissolution of the monasteries and consider the consequences in relation to present day issues. Then, discuss and debate the issues affecting you today before staging an on-site protest.

Recording the Past: The Black Death

Investigate the Black Death in this dual site session at the Charterhouse and London Metropolitan Archives. Explore the ghastly and terrible history of the plague at one of London’s only surviving plague pits. Discover our monastic connection to this terrible epidemic and view the preserved bones of plague victim in our remarkable museum. Then, travel to nearby London Metropolitan Archives to analyse the wider impact,  public response and attempts to improve public health using original archive material.

People and Power

Discover the fascinating history of the Charterhouse and learn about how changes in ownership document a shift in power, status and religion. Begin with our medieval origins before leaning how the will of Henry VIII sought to create a new life for the Charterhouse ushering in the dawn of a new religious order. Wrangles between Dukes, Queen and Kings then rained supreme with treason and treachery abound. An involving and engaging session, this is an excellent workshop to introduce pupils to our dramatic history.

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