9th June 2018

Object of the Month June 2018

This month’s object of the month will instead be looking at a specific area of Charterhouse’s history. To coincide with the start of the World Cup we will be looking at the Charterhouses links with the foundation of the Football Association in 1863. This month sees the start of The FIFA World... continue

12th May 2018

Object of the Month May 2018

This iron chest on display in our museum has been at the Charterhouse since the 17th century. It was made in Germany or the Netherlands by Jacobus Brebes and although its exact origins are not known it is highly likely that the founder of the almshouse, Thomas Sutton, owned one similar. The chest is... continue

14th April 2018

Object of the Month April 2018

The ceiling of the Great Chamber, created in the 16th century and destroyed almost entirely in the 20th century, has played a complex role in the changing hands of the Charterhouse. The Great Chamber was originally built by Lord North after he purchased the Charterhouse following the dissolution of the... continue

16th March 2018

A week at the Charterhouse: A blog by Courtney Courington

Hello, my name is Courtney Courington and I have just completed my Year 10 work experience at The Charterhouse. Having never heard of it before, despite walking past several times, I was intrigued as to what made the site special enough to open their own museum, letting members of the public take in... continue

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