21st March 2019

A week at the Charterhouse: A blog by Asya Kortas

My name is Asya Kortas and I’ve just completed my work experience at the Charterhouse. My head of year suggested that I come here and I’m so glad she did! I didn’t know that the Charterhouse even existed and now I have many memories within this “hidden gem”. On Monday,  my first day, I was... continue

6th March 2019

A week at the Charterhouse: A blog by Amal Ali

Hello, my name is Amal Ali I have just completed my college work experience at The Charterhouse. I had never heard of it before, but I chose to come here to learn more about its long history. I especially wanted to explore the difference between the newly-opened Charterhouse museum and other museums... continue

6th January 2019

The Reformation: What, When and Where?

Blog by volunteer Maria Uhlmann I have been volunteering at the Charterhouse Museum since the summer of 2017 and almost immediately developed a curiosity about the history of the site and the City of London – particularly in relation to the time of the Reformation. Let me confess immediately that... continue

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