9th July 2020

Brother Mansel on the value of community during lockdown

What has life been like for me during the Coronavirus? Well, as a Brother at the Charterhouse I have felt safe and well looked after; these are such unique circumstances and I feel the Master has had to make difficult decisions which were necessary for the community. We have had slightly different rules... continue

8th July 2020

Brother Sue reflects on life during the coronavirus

During the Coronavirus I have been at the Charterhouse which is like a little piece of paradise. I have been so fortunate to have been protected from the struggles that many have faced and I honestly do not feel as though I have suffered. The Master and the staff have catered for the Brothers needs ... continue

27th May 2020

Gardening notes in lockdown: Brother Tim

One of the joys of living at the Charterhouse, of which there are many, is sitting in, or strolling round, our gardens. The current splendour of the design and planting is all due to Claire Davies who spent nine years creating our ‘oasis in the centre of London’. It was my pleasure, before she retired... continue

21st May 2020

Gardening notes in lockdown: Brother Sue

While the Charterhouse is closed to the public, some of the Brothers are kindly taking on some of the day-to-day gardening jobs on our seven-acre site, as none of the gardening team are currently there.  Good for distraction, good for mental and for physical health!  And just lovely to watch the garden... continue

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