9th June 2017

Mr. William Edward Newton, Gatekeeper of the Charterhouse (1935)

This short article was originally printed in “Old Charterhouse Magazine” in December, 1935. It concerns a Mr William Edward Newton, who worked for the Charterhouse for over a quarter of a century, first as a gardener and storekeeper, then as a gatekeeper. Judging by the article, Newton... continue

6th June 2017

Object of the Month June: The Tomb of Sir Walter Manny

Walter Manny, the founder of the London Charterhouse, arrived in England aged 17 in the retinue of Philippa, daughter of the Count of Hainault. Philippa was on her way to marry the young king Edward III, and Walter would go on to feature in some of the defining events of the Hundred Years War as ... continue

2nd May 2017

Organist of the Charterhouse (1938)

The following article details the careers of a few notable musicians who have, at some time or other, been the organist of the Charterhouse. Originally published in the “Old Charterhouse Magazine” in December 1938, the article begins with Benjamin Cosyn, the first regularly appointed organist,... continue