2nd August 2017

Object of the Month August 2017

A Relation of the Proceedings at Charter-House 1689 This booklet, on display in the Charterhouse museum, recounts the events of the period 1686-89 when, for the second time in its history, the Charterhouse stood up to an absolute monarch. In 1537, John Houghton, the Prior of the Charterhouse, opposed... continue

19th July 2017

A week at the Charterhouse: A blog by Peter Phillips

Hi, my name is Peter and this is my second year in a row doing a week’s work experience at the Charterhouse. As an artist, and one who is especially interested in architecture, I love the character of the Charterhouse. Despite being built across many time periods, the different styles of architecture... continue

6th July 2017

Blog by a new Brother

Thirty days of learning by a new Brother, Rakesh Mathur When I think of my time here, these words come to mind: Inspiring, Caring, Humanity and History. Before I moved into the Charterhouse, I visited the newly opened museum and was moved by glimpses of the brothers’ day to day lives. The video in... continue

9th June 2017

Mr. William Edward Newton, Gatekeeper of the Charterhouse (1935)

This short article was originally printed in “Old Charterhouse Magazine” in December, 1935. It concerns a Mr William Edward Newton, who worked for the Charterhouse for over a quarter of a century, first as a gardener and storekeeper, then as a gatekeeper. Judging by the article, Newton... continue